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Re: no <hash_map> in gcc 3.1.1-4

We have hash_map here... it is in <ext/hash_map>

its also in an odd namespace - __gnu_cxx for some reason!  __gnu_cxx should
only be used for internal stuff but since 3.0 its also being used for
"extensions" to the stl, I think they should have another namespace for
extensions as its bad for external users to be accessing the __gnu_cxx
namespace directly, especially for such commonly required extensions such as


Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.

"Christophe Trophime" <> wrote in message">
> Hi
> I am trying to port some codes to NT using cygwin.
> I have installed gcc 3.1.1-4 as a cross-compiler on my linux box.
> When compiling it complains about missing <hash_map> header...
> which is not on my "cross compiler include directories" neither on
> NT with latest cygwin and gcc 3.1.1-4?
> I think that changing <hash_map> to <hash_map.h> will fix this problem
> but I would appreciate if <hash_map> is included in cygwin gcc 3.1.1-4.
> Thanks.
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