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[gdb-20020718-1]: problem with tcl_pkgPath when starting gui gdb


As previously mentioned, I performed a complete install based on the
new gcc-3.2 and selected to install everything.  I also selected the
new test gdb as well.  Now, when attempt to start the gui debugger, I
get the error:

Tcl_Init failed: can't read "tcl_pkgPath": no such variable

and gdb fails to start.  Appending the "-nw" option allows the
console mode version to start w/o any errors.  I get the same error
when trying to run tclsh83.exe, however the command interpreter does
appear.  Seeing as how this is a fresh install, I'm not quite sure
where I might be going wrong.  Possibly it doesn't like the fact that
the root directory is in C:\Cygnus\cygwin ?  Well, I thought I might
throw this out there to see if anyone else is experiencing the same
issue when doing a fresh install.  To further assist those curious
wrt my problem, I have attached a cygcheck log and a strace of gdb
attempting to launch.


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