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RE: faq: why doesn't tilde expansion work in shell scripts in cyg win?


At 21:02 2002-08-24, Dan Kegel wrote:
Aha. I figured it out, and it looks like Cygwin's ash might not be posix compliant. Tilde expansion is required by Posix; see <>

Looking at the source for the ash used in Cygwin, it looks like tilde expansion is disabled! The in <> defines SMALL by default, which shuts off tilde expansion. That would explain my result (though not why tilde works from the ash commandline; curious).
Please explain "works from the ash commandline." I can see no circumstance in which tilde expansion is happening in ash.

Am I correct? It's a little suprising to find Cygwin doesn't use a Posix-compliant shell...
As I understand it, Cygwin includes ash specifically as a very-light-weight shell for scripting and makefiles. It's small size and minimal feature set gives it a low start-up time, which helps a lot when many of them get executed, for example when running make.

- Dan

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

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