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Re: CSS in the User's Guide (was:Updating dll info...)

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[Sorry for the much-belated reply. Had a filtering problem.]


I apologize for giving a useless opinion on CSS. I am not a web designer, and 
you are correct that my NS4.x hearsay was not based on any real evidence...
it's just what I heard. 

> it isn't very critical to
> address these issues because the Cygwin UG, while rather spartan, is
> basically usable. Very much more critical are the areas of the Guide
> which have fallen grievously out of date,  exactly such as the DLL page
> had. IOW here, the content is a much more pressing issue than the
> presentation.

Agreed. I have volunteered to do this, not just for the webpages, but for
*all* the Cygwin documentation. I would appreciate any
help with this. I began with a small project of making the
utils (cygcheck, cygpath, etc.; the ones in the cygwin package) all support
the GNU --help and --version options. I then used a custom help2man script to
generate some basic man pages for cygwin. Next, newlib (Cygwin's libc) had 
stopped creating man pages quite some time ago, and so I found a way to update
those (take a look at the previous newlib-man in setup.ini). I then released
a "cygwin-doc" package that contains all this plus the current versions of the
User's Guide, API Reference, and FAQ. Maybe I should have waited until more
info was updated, but I didn't. Lately I have been exploring some options to 
make the documentation more accessible. I'd rather not give details since they
could be misinterpreted about what will be happening in the near future
(by anyone reading this list, not you specifically). 

> I've seen no evidence that either you or Chris have taken the time to
> view the source of one of the UG pages. 

I believe I mentioned before that I realize the HTML produced is ugly (not in
the browser, the code). As for looking at the source, if you mean the docbook
files, Chris generates the pages on, and I generated the
pages in the cygwin-doc package. I assure you that we have looked at them.
Again I apologize that they are not yet up to date, but I am working on it.

The CLASS tags exist in the DocBook source and are used to
decide what type of HTML to turn it into. For example, use <tt> for FILENAME,
<b> for COMMAND, etc. At the present time, there is no reason these tags should

be left in the HTML since they are not used. However, I don't feel that it
would be worth the effort at the present time to figure out how to either:

1) remove them
2) do something with them

Please, you do seem to know something about HTML, and all I mean by asking for
specific examples is, could you give us some specific examples of how to use 
these tags more effectively within our current framework?
You can get the source files in the cygwin CVS. Feel free to email me if you
have any trouble finding it. 

Thank you.
Joshua Daniel Franklin

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