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Re: CSS in the User's Guide (was:Updating dll info...)

On Thu, Aug 22, 2002 at 07:24:53PM +0000, Soren A wrote:
>I have no idea why the people I am responding to found it beyond them
>(`grep -i 'CLASS='' ???) .  Only complete unfamiliarity with HTML --
>and I grant that this is a possibility, I realize that not all C/C++
>programmers are Web page builders -- would leave one unable to quickly
>recognize that in that fragment there are TWO references to Cascading
>Style Sheets:
>Yet these documents have no definition of what "COMMAND" or "FILENAME"
>should mean to the browser being asked to render the page. Half of the
>mechanism of CSS is *already* present in the documents, the other half
>is *missing*. 

Thanks for providing the specific information that I asked for.

I'll defer to Robert Collins on this one since he has infinitely
more knowledge about html and DocBook than I do.  I appreciate his
adding clarity here.


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