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Re: CSS in the User's Guide (was:Updating dll info...)

On 22-8-2002 21:24, Soren A wrote:

I've seen no evidence that either you or Chris have taken the time to
view the source of one of the UG pages. What I have been talking about
all along is that DocBook is *already using CSS* in the output that is
the UG pages. The effort required to have discovered a fragment of a
page chosen at random, like this one (using.html#USING-PATHNAMES):
By default, the POSIX root <TT CLASS="FILENAME">/</TT> points to
the system partition but it can be relocated to any directory in
the Windows file system using the <B CLASS="COMMAND">mount</B>

seems really minimal. I have no idea why the people I am responding to
found it beyond them (`grep -i 'CLASS='' ???) . Only complete
unfamiliarity with HTML -- and I grant that this is a possibility, I
realize that not all C/C++ programmers are Web page builders -- would
leave one unable to quickly recognize that in that fragment there are
TWO references to Cascading Style Sheets:

Yet these documents have no definition of what "COMMAND" or "FILENAME"
should mean to the browser being asked to render the page. Half of the
mechanism of CSS is *already* present in the documents, the other half
is *missing*.
May I recommend that you read:
Please tell us where it insists that you must have CSS style rules whenever you use the 'class' attribute.

Lastly, my final suggestion:
(3) Don't emulate Chris Faylor in terms of taking verbal stances or attitudes.
Now if this isn't the pot calling the kettle black ...

 - Michael

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