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RE: Setup and dependencies

"" <> wrote around 22
Aug 2002"> about %s: 

> Setup is not meant to limit the user's options with their selections.
> It insures that dependencies for a package that the user selects also
> get selected.  It doesn't automatically unselect packages which depend
> on a package unselected.  I'm sure this could be a mode in which setup
> would work but it would be a more limiting mode which some others
> wouldn't want.  So it would be an option only IMO (perhaps the
> default??)  Anyway, if you're interested in seeing this happen, a
> patch will help make your point if you're so inclined.  Otherwise, you
> can certainly just wait and see if your query/suggestion inspires
> someone else to take up such a cause. 

My 2 <unit-value-coinage> input as a user is that I would not want to
see setup automatically select or unselect anything which I have
explicitly marked either way. IOW, I agree with the above principle and
feel it is important to keep setup working in such a way that it doesn't
by default assume it is smarter than the user. As an optional mode of
operation which the user has to clearly, knowingly, explicitly choose to
invoke, sure, that would be fine. 

   Soren A

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