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Re: Updating dll info in the User's Guide

Christopher Faylor <> wrote around 21 Aug 2002"> about %s: 

> Not the same thing.  It's the standard bug reporting technique of
> assuming that the people reading the mail are mind readers who are
> clued into exact knowledge of a problem.

Not really, Chris. In this case, the reality is not that there was
anything inadaquate about my report/query, but rather the inadaquacy is
entirely on your part. You are the documentation maintainer and yet you
know nothing about aspects of the tools you use? HEY. 

> If you have a specific suggestion, I'd like to hear it.

It's really not a major issue. Users can write their own stylesheets,
and on a User Agent like Opera (and prob. Mozilla) they can configure
their UA to use them. The absence of the stylesheets (which REALLY
aren't that mysterious, Chris; they are by analogy just like a C header
but not a fatal error if they are missing...) doesn't impact the
documents in such a way as to render them unusable (which is precisely
the basic principle behind css to begin with). 

> I should make it clear that I know nothing about stylesheets.  As you
> noted, this is autogenerated code.  If you see a specific problem with
> it then a specific suggestion is appropriate.

Yes. My specific suggestion is that you learn your tools. It is not
farfetched to suppose that somewhere in the user documentation that
exists for DocBook there is info pertaining to generation and
configuration of stylesheets to complement the application's HTML

    Soren A

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