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RE: DoD Security Clearance for cygwin?

Absolutely, Positively Clear.

We are not in a secure environment, that is not running classified.  But we do run proprietary for several contractors as well as for government only.

If Cygwin is not secure enough for that, I will have to notify some other agencies (non-DoD) that they might want to reconsider its use.

Thanks for your help.

- Dennis

-----Original Message-----
From: Christopher Faylor []
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 11:47 AM
Subject: Re: DoD Security Clearance for cygwin?

On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 08:14:30AM -0500, Keen Wayne A Contr AFRL/MNGG wrote:
>I replied directly to Dennis.  I know Cygwin showed up on an "approved"
>list of open source tools that was circulated here about a year ago.
>What was involved in the approval process I have little insight into.

I SINCERELY hope that no one uses cygwin in a secure environment.  It is
very much not a secure tool.

I'm sure that Red Hat would entertain the option to fix up all of the
myriad security holes in Cygwin but, for now, please PLEASE do not use it
in a secure environment.

I hope this is clear.


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