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suggestion for cygwin gcc-3.2

This may generate some flames, so flame away if you want to.

I don't know about anyone else, but there is one particular "feature"
of the new gcc that is driving me crazy.  I refer to:

"warning:  changing search order for system directory..." 

which appears if you redefine the system include directory.  Many
times this isn't intentional as you may have an autotool macro which
inadvertently does this for you.  Sometimes you may want to use an
explicit include search path because you are cross-compiling.  Other
times, because you want a certain header to trump the system default
header.  To the autotools, such a warning will cause a c preprocessor
test to fail.  This is highly aggravating, as it adds yet another
unknown to the equation when you are porting packages.  Also, it
makes tracking potential issues harder because it clutters the screen
with useless garbage.  I mean, dangnabit, if I wanted a pedantic
level of warnings, I would say so with -pedantic.  This warning has
no business being in the default warning level, for the
aforementioned reasons.  I know that passing "-w" will disable it,
but that also disables the warnings which are actually useful. 
Therefore, I suggest that this warning be disabled by default and
enabled only on a stricter warning level.  I ask here because I know
it is useless to ask on the gcc list - seeing as how they're going to
do it their way and the rest of us be damned.  If you need a patch, I
will provide one.


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