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Re: Setting PS1 in ~/.bashrc

On Sat, 17 Aug 2002, [ISO-8859-1] Ney André de Mello Zunino wrote:

> Hello.
> Sorry for the naive question, but I am not being able to override the
> default PS1 value set in /etc/profile. I tried searching the Web to find
> information on this and I read in several places that one should make
> changes in their own ~/.bashrc file. However, after I created this file
> and put my "export PS1" command in it, Cygwin still launches and makes
> use of the definition found in /etc/profile. I have discovered, however,
> that if I start a new instance of bash, my definition is taken into
> account.
> I am sure I am the one missing something. I would be glad to know what
> it is.
> Thank you,

This has been mentioned more than once in the archives.  The latest is
here: (Possibility
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