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Re: GNU emacs 21.2-5 packages available

There is a minor problem with the X11 version recognizing when
subprocesses have terminated, which I will investigate eventually.
This problem is quite annoying. I already tried to investigate, and it seems to me that occasionally SIGCHLD signal is NOT delivered to emacs when the child process terminates. I tried to continue a little bit, but got lost very quickly in cygwin's signal implementation (hey, that's *really* complicated code). I tried strace and the only thing which caught my eyes were these lines:

33 40372399 [sig] emacs 16900 wait_sig: processing signal 20
389 40372788 [sig] emacs 16900 wait_sig: Got signal 20
48 40372836 [sig] emacs 16900 sig_handle: signal 20
32 40372868 [sig] emacs 16900 sig_handle: signal 20, about to call 0x201405D0
3900 40376768 [sig] emacs 16900 setup_handler: couldn't send signal 20
115 40376883 [sig] emacs 16900 setup_handler: good. Didn't suspend main thread, th 0x0
35 40376918 [sig] emacs 16900 setup_handler: returning 0
31 40376949 [sig] emacs 16900 sig_handle: returning 0

Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong?


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