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Re: rxvt crash?

This time I verified my clipboard is clear. (The paste menu option is disabled in wordpad.)

The middle mouse button clicking still instantly made the rxvt+bash window disappear.

Quite contrary, if I made the clipboard contain a small ASCII string, the rxvt window didn't disappear, and the string is pasted as expected.

Also to note, my Win2k is a Chinese version. (rxvt could display pretty Chinese characters. That's cool! ;) )

Randall R Schulz wrote:

Since the function associated with a middle-click is to paste (simulate typing), the contents of the clipboard at the time you middle-click in an RXVT window is probably relevant.

In fact, when I copy a largish bitmap (700 x 575 Pixels @ 8 BPP) to the clipboard and then middle-mouse in RXVT, there's a long pause and then the RXVT window disappears, as you say.

I suppose that could be considered a bug.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 20:01 2002-08-15, zhaoway wrote:

rxvt 2.7.2-10
bash 2.05b-3
a wheel mouse
Win2k Pro with newest updates

The symptom is: after launching rxvt running bash using

rxvt +sb --colorBD orange --colorUL magenta -fn "Lucida Console-normal-18" -geometry 85x36+5+5 -bg black -fg gray -cr green -tn rxvt -e bash -l

Then click the middle mouse button, the rxvt window will disappear instantly.

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