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building a cygwin DLL to run on non-cygwin app

I have scoured the web and the mailing lists to no avail.  How do I
build a DLL to dynamically run with a non-cygwin application?


A vendor has supplied a program that links to a DLL at runtime to do
stuff.  I wish to write a DLL that this program may use.

Here is some psuedocode from my DLL:

long foo (<some params>) {
  /* do some bit manipulations */

I can build this fine using the ld/dlltool/ld/dlltool/ld trick.  This
also works if I just use the -shared flag to ld.

The vendor's program, which I'll just call 'V', happily accepts it.  At
runtime, V has a parameter that specifies the DLL (i.e., my DLL must be
relocatable).  Everything works as expected.

Now, suppose that I want to add some debugging info to my DLL, like so:

#include <stdio.h>
long foo (<some params>) {
  printf ("Entering foo.\n");
  /* do some stuff */

Compiling with ld fails because of the unresolved symbol printf().  I
can make this error go away by adding a '-lc' flag to the end of ld.
The DLL now compiles and builds.

When I now run it under V, I get the application error:

  The instruction at "0x77f6ce4c" referenced memory at "0x00000010".
  The memory could not be "written".

This seems to imply that linking to libc alters the DLL fundamentally.
I have tried the following:

  - Try compiling with -mno-cygwin.  I find that I still need the '-lc'
    flag, and the application error still occurs.
  - Remove the printf() call by leave '-lc'.  Although V works, I really
    do want the debugging data.
  - Try changing the entry point with '-e
    __cygwin_noncygwin_dll_entry@12'.  Apparantly this tricked worked
    with an older release of cygwin, but not anymore.

The closest reference I have found is Mumit Khan's comment "if you're
loading these from non-Cygwin application, eg., from an MSVC
application..." at
I tried this (bullet #3 above) but it no longer works.

This is all with the latest stable release of the cygwin tools.

Hopefully somebody here has insight on how to do this deceptively easy

Jason Tang  /  /

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