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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] GNU emacs 21.2-4 released

Don Dwiggins wrote:

Just for clarification, I'd like to see if my understanding is correct:
- The non-X-windows version will only run in a Cygwin "terminal" window.
It will run in anything that supports termcap-style output.  The cygwin
terminal is one.  Another one is xterm.  Another way is a real terminal
(like a vt100) connected via a serial link to your box.  It should work
in any Windows terminal emulation window if you use a proper termcap entry
for emacs.

Speaking of which, I should probably switch emacs to use terminfo, since
there are a lot more terminal entries available.

- The X-windows version requires installation of the XFree packages; this
  version will work similarly to NTEmacs, including multiple frames, etc.
Yes.  It requires at the least several X11 libraries that are provided by
the XFree-bin package (I think it is).  It looks identical to a UNIX version.

And a question or two:
- Will the X-windows version work with gnuclient (or equivalent) to allow
  things like associations with file types?
I don't know what gnuclient is.  If you configure your Windows box correctly,
you can bring emacs up from any application, be it a Cygwin app or a Windows
app, and it should work correctly.

- Are there restrictions or awkwardness in accessing non-Cygwin-mounted
  directories/file systems?
There shouldn't be.  Emacs is using the Cygwin DLL to access things, so it
sees Cygwin mount points, which normal windows apps don't, but you can access
via drive letters and UNC paths if you like -- that's just normal Cygwin

- Any other salient operational differences with NTEmacs?
Undump is not supported yet.

I think there are some cases where a native windows command will not output
correctly when it is run inside an inferior shell window.  That's a Cygwin
thing I think.

I am not a heavy NTEmacs user, so maybe someone else would care to comment.

Joe Buehler

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