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emacs-21.2-3 known problems, some solutions

There appear to be several problems with emacs-21.2-3.  To wit:

- Colors are not correct when running in a cygwin console window.
  This is because the "cygwin" TERM type supports color, and emacs
  is using black on black for colors, which may be a bona-fide emacs

  An easy fix is to invoke emacs like this:

  emacs -bg COLOR -fg COLOR

  Looking at the emacs source, it appears that the legal values for COLOR are:

  white, cyan, magenta, blue, yellow, green, red, black

- The win9x binaries are missing .exe suffixes.  This will be fixed in
  packages to be released shortly.

- There is some kind of serious install problem.  I have repackaged
  emacs using GNU tar instead of GNU cpio -- the tar documentation
  says that POSIX tar is not supported, and that's what I was generating
  with cpio, so maybe therein lies the problem.

- It looks like control-C is not being passed to emacs when running in a
  cygwin console window.  I'll have to look into this.  Probably the windows
  control-C handler is not being turned off.  This is a major problem
  because C-x C-c is the standard way to exit emacs...

- EOF is not handled properly in processes in some cases in X11 emacs.  Emacs does
  not recognize that the process exited.  This probably has something to do with
  pty handling.

Joe Buehler

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