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Re: c_cc[VTIME] not working under NT


Wednesday, 14 August, 2002 Michael Besl wrote:

MB> Hi Egor, hi all,

MB> thanks for your mail. The program runs now perfect with the select()
MB> command, but only when i start the program in the Prompt-(MSDOS)-Window in
MB> WinNT. When i start it under VB6 then i see my program running in the
MB> Taskmanager but consuming 99% of cpu time and the timeout is never reached.
MB> It looks like that everything is running except any timer functions. What is
MB> the difference here?
MB> I have no other choice than to start the serial communication application
MB> under VB6.

Use strace or debugger to attach to your application and look what's
going on.

It's not very clear, also, what do you mean "running under VB6".
Is starting cmd.exe under VB6 and then running your application in cmd
window makes a difference? Have you tried to check if environment, in
which your application starts under VB6 different from your normal

>>Monday, 12 August, 2002 Michael Besl wrote:
>>MB> i have written a serial communication application that uses the normal
>>MB> com-ports. I have compiled it under cygwin DLL 1.3.13 (latest
>>MB> distribution)
>>MB> and it works perfect with win98, but when i use the same DLL and the
>>MB> same
>>MB> program under winNT, then the c_cc[VTIME] seems not to work. So the
>>MB> winNT is
>>MB> waiting forever for a byte at the COM port. Do i have to change here
>>MB> something at the source that it will also run under winNT?
>>It's a bug in cygwin. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon (i have a
>>working patch but it needs some cleanup).
>>Meanwhile, as a workaround, you may want to use select() before read()
>>and doesn't rely on termios features like this. Using select() is a
>>cleaner solution because it would work on any type of input, not just

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