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cron: proving operator error

I'm trying to get cron working, and all the cygrunsrv
commands work, although

cygrunsrv -I cron -p /usr/sbin/cron -f BatchScheduler -a '-D'

finishes suspiciously quickly.

However, the programs in my crontab are not being executed, even
though they work from the command line, and they don't rely I think on
environmental variables.

The crontab file is being created and has a GID of SYSTEM.
The W2K Event Log Manager is recording things like crontab edits
and starting and stopping cron and execution of the command in
crontab, but the message in the event log made me think that
there was something wrong with my setup.

It says, translated from the Chinese, 

Couldn't find description/identification of event (process) ID 0
(in source /USR/SBIN/CRON). This system may not have the required
registry information or the .dll, and it was not possible to get
the information from a remote computer. Information from the
event: /USR/SBIN/CRON: Win32 Process Id=0x768: Cygwin Process
Id=0x768: (mr_bean) CMD (/home/mr_bean/mb/

But I installed ssmtp and the mail notification is being sent!
Even though the event log records the same kind of message as
above about not being able to find a record of event ID 0!

Is this the customary message recorded in the Event Log Manager?

So I need to think about whether there is something wrong with
the program I am running from cron, rather than cron itself. 

The ones I have tried do SMTP or FTP. Can anyone suggest a simple
program to test cron works?

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                       --Yogi Berra    
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