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RE: emacs install problem

>> I've manually installed the distribution on my system, and we are getting
>> quite amiably.  Though the default colors (e.g. black on "black"--black
on a
>> transparent background, I presume) in terminal mode simply will not do,
>> that is yet another matter entirely.

>I assume you are using the non-X version?

>I had a problem like that when I compiled emacs using terminfo.  I'm pretty
>sure that it's the terminfo database at fault -- something is not quite
>right in the file corresponding to your TERM, probably.

I have exactly the same problem. How do I go about fixing this ?

I'm pasting the relevant (?) entries from my /etc/termcap:


linux|linux console:\


I tried setting TERM to vt100 and rxvt, but I get less then optimal results.
The command mappings are also erratic.
in rxvt mode, CTRL+H is bound to delete, and CTRL+C is read for some reason
as CTRL+G.

The x version works perfectly.


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