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RE: can CYGWIN have a different IP address to Windows?

hmm i just tried this on windows 2K professional just for curiosity and can
access both webservers fine on port 80. (just added the IPs and, bound the PWS website to, added BindAddress to httpd.conf and it worked like a dream.)
i know this isnt helpful other that to let you know it can be done, but i
didnt have to do anything special so it must be something in your config.
Possibly IIS being a pain where PWS isnt ?

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From: Joel Hughes []
Sent: 13 August 2002 08:51
Subject: RE: can CYGWIN have a different IP address to Windows?

Hi Max,
the issue here is serving web pages. There is already a port 80 web server
on the laptop (IIS) and there is obviously apache in cygwin.

I need cygwin because I need a *nix like dev env for a certain web site. I
don't really want to run cygwins apache on a different port. I need also to
run apache in a nix env rather than the win32 install.

Obviously I can't run both web servers on the same port on the same IP.
Bruce came up with an interesting idea of giving the laptop 2 IPs and then
specify the two different IPs respectively in the two different webservers.

The desired effect is not there yet - IIS still thinks it will serve off the
new IP (IP2). Even thought all websites on IIS (& FTP & SMTP) are running
bound to IP1, the IIS Master service still thinks its bound to all
applicable IPs (this is where I think the issue lies). If I can force IIS to
be more selective with its bound IP choice then I can get this done.

Another more roundabout method (if I can't get IIS to ignore IP2) would be
to make the CYGWIN apache the main port 80 server and run IIS servers on
non-standard ports (& then use APache to proxy on). However, I feel this may
fall with the same problem as above - the default master web server
properties are hardcoded IP All Unassigned and Port 80.

If I HAVE to amend the apache web application to run off a non-standard port
in dev then I will but I was searching for a more elegent solution which
allowed me to keep the dev & live envs more similar.

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From: Max Bowsher []
Sent: 12 August 2002 23:31
Subject: Re: can CYGWIN have a different IP address to Windows?

Joel Hughes wrote:
> Hi,
> I have CYGWIN installed on my Win2K server laptop.
> Can I assign CYGWIN a different IP address to that of my laptop?

Cygwin != VMware, or anything like that.

So, really, your question is more or less equivalent to 'Can I assign
Explorer and Outlook Express different IP addresses when they run on the


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