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Re: can CYGWIN have a different IP address to Windows?

> Obviously I can't run both web servers on the same port on the same IP.
> Bruce came up with an interesting idea of giving the laptop 2 IPs and then
> specify the two different IPs respectively in the two different webservers.

This is just a thought off the top of my head: try installing the MS
loopback network device.  Maybe you can then tell one of the servers to
serve from that one (assuming they can be told to bind to a special
address).  I forget the details but I think you can give the loopback
one of the IP addresses reserved for local use.

Note: MS has drivers for some sort of a special network device that just
loops the connections back to the computer itself; the loop back has an
UNC name of itself.  This is not the loopback address.  I
don't know the specifics, I just installed it to install OpenAFS.  I
think it somehow makes the computer look like a server onto itself.

I don't have access to my W2K box right now, but you can search on
google for "openafs loopback windows" and pick the first article that
comes by (from

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