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RE: can CYGWIN have a different IP address to Windows?

Hi Max,
the issue here is serving web pages. There is already a port 80 web server
on the laptop (IIS) and there is obviously apache in cygwin.

I need cygwin because I need a *nix like dev env for a certain web site. I
don't really want to run cygwins apache on a different port. I need also to
run apache in a nix env rather than the win32 install.

Obviously I can't run both web servers on the same port on the same IP.
Bruce came up with an interesting idea of giving the laptop 2 IPs and then
specify the two different IPs respectively in the two different webservers.

The desired effect is not there yet - IIS still thinks it will serve off the
new IP (IP2). Even thought all websites on IIS (& FTP & SMTP) are running
bound to IP1, the IIS Master service still thinks its bound to all
applicable IPs (this is where I think the issue lies). If I can force IIS to
be more selective with its bound IP choice then I can get this done.

Another more roundabout method (if I can't get IIS to ignore IP2) would be
to make the CYGWIN apache the main port 80 server and run IIS servers on
non-standard ports (& then use APache to proxy on). However, I feel this may
fall with the same problem as above - the default master web server
properties are hardcoded IP All Unassigned and Port 80.

If I HAVE to amend the apache web application to run off a non-standard port
in dev then I will but I was searching for a more elegent solution which
allowed me to keep the dev & live envs more similar.

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From: Max Bowsher []
Sent: 12 August 2002 23:31
Subject: Re: can CYGWIN have a different IP address to Windows?

Joel Hughes wrote:
> Hi,
> I have CYGWIN installed on my Win2K server laptop.
> Can I assign CYGWIN a different IP address to that of my laptop?

Cygwin != VMware, or anything like that.

So, really, your question is more or less equivalent to 'Can I assign
Explorer and Outlook Express different IP addresses when they run on the


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