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Re: Problems with display of inode numbers

On Fri, 9 Aug 2002, Jim George wrote:

> Folks,
> why is it that when I do and ls -lisa the output is not neatly
> lined up?
> I can use any other option except '-i' and it lines up perfectly.  This
> appears to affect all terminals, except the cmd window.
> Jim

>From the source of ls:

/* The field width for inode numbers.  On some hosts inode numbers are
   64 bits, so columns won't line up exactly when a huge inode number
   is encountered, but in practice 7 digits is usually enough.  */
# define INODE_DIGITS 7

This is your problem.  AFAICT, Win2k has inode numbers well in excess of 7
digits (10, in my case).  If you want inode numbers to line up perfectly,
change the value above to 10 (line 145) and recompile ls.  BTW, ls is part
of fileutils.
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