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Re: Program Options vs. cygwin env problem

On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 09:45:52PM -0700, Stephen C. Biggs wrote:
>On 9 Aug 2002 at 0:27, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>under this, you can create an string entry named "default" with data
>>containing CYGWIN environment variable options.  If you add an "export"
>>option to the end of the data values, a CYGWIN environment variable
>>will be regenerated from the registry and visible in the environment.
>>You can also set options for individual programs by adding an entry like:
>> Name			Type		Data
>> c:\usr\sbin\inetd.exe	REG_SZ		tty export
>> That will make cygwin always set the cygwin option to tty and export
>> a CYGWIN=tty for every program that inetd invokes.
>Note that you recommend this...  Again, I have no CYGWIN variable, and it 
>is being generated by reading the registry: note that it also adds 
>"export" to the environment -- is this a bug?

I recommended it for the above inetd example, not for "default".  If you
think about what default does, it obviously doesn't make a lot of sense
to go to the extra effort of exporting the data from the registry to the
environment since it will just be read by every cygwin program anyway.
The only use that it would have in the default case is to expose the
settings from the registry.  I suppose that could be useful in some

>> Oh, and it looks like you are actually setting cygwin values on the
>> (Default) part of a registry entry.  This is just an entry that Windows
>> corrects.  It is not what Cygwin reads.  You have to actually *create*
>> an entry called "default" (lowercase without the parentheses).  Maybe
>> this is your whole problem.
>No, I have done exactly what you said, above.

Sorry but, no you haven't.  You misinterpreted what I said.  I said that
you should *create* a string entry called "default".  You didn't create
one.  You apparently used an existing "(Default)" that is established
when you created the "Program Options" key.  That is incorrect.


>>The main reason this this is not documented is that there is no
>>programmatic way to manipulate it and I am not comfortable with telling
>>people how to edit the registry "by hand".
>>However, if you are familiar with the registry, then setting this value
>>should not be a big deal.

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