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Re: Program Options vs. cygwin env problem

On 9 Aug 2002 at 0:27, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> I really don't know what you are asking or what you think your problem
> is.
> Oh what the heck.  Let me take a stab at it.  Maybe you set Program
> Options/default to something and then ran cygcheck in a bash shell and
> saw that the 'notitle' in the Program Options was translated to a
> 'title' and the ordering was different.  Maybe you assumed (although you
> don't make this clear) that this was because you'd previously used a
> 'title' in the options.

It could be that this is the problem and if there is a fix and this is 
known, I'll shut up.  I just wanted to make sure there wasn't something 
bigger going on.

> Or, maybe you are unclear about the interaction between the CYGWIN
> environment variable and Program Options.  If you have both set who has
> precedence?  I actually don't know how they interact.  I suspect that
> the CYGWIN variable has precedence, even when the CYGWIN environment
> variable is established by the use of "export".

I do not have a CYGWIN environment variable so this is not applicable to 
my situation.

> I previously mentioned that there was a bug, then posted that I'd fixed
> it.  This was the fact that your use of 'notitle' was (possibly) being
> translated to 'title'.  This is now fixed.

Ok, I removed "glob" from the registry value, and it did not, in fact, 
set it in the environment variable, so this is only the title/notitle 

> On the other hand, if you are expecting that, when you use "export", the
> order of the options in the CYGWIN environment variable will be exactly
> the same as found in the registry, your expectations are wrong.
> I don't remember if I actually suggested this but there is no reason to
> use the export option with the default setting in Program Options.  And,
> there is certainly no reason to use the 'export' option in the CYGWIN
> environment variable itself (as set from the command prompt) unless you
> are interested in making your program run slightly slower.

I quote you, just so I can clear this up:

> There is already an undocumented way to do this in cygwin via the
> Program Options registry key.  Create a new key:
> HKLM\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin\Program Options
> under this, you can create an string entry named "default" with data
> containing CYGWIN environment variable options.  If you add an "export"
> option to the end of the data values, a CYGWIN environment variable will
> be regenerated from the registry and visible in the environment.
> You can also set options for individual programs by adding an entry like:
> Name			Type		Data
> c:\usr\sbin\inetd.exe	REG_SZ		tty export
> That will make cygwin always set the cygwin option to tty and export
> a CYGWIN=tty for every program that inetd invokes.

Note that you recommend this...  Again, I have no CYGWIN variable, and it 
is being generated by reading the registry: note that it also adds 
"export" to the environment -- is this a bug?

> Oh, and it looks like you are actually setting cygwin values on the
> (Default) part of a registry entry.  This is just an entry that Windows
> corrects.  It is not what Cygwin reads.  You have to actually *create*
> an entry called "default" (lowercase without the parentheses).  Maybe
> this is your whole problem.

No, I have done exactly what you said, above.

> Anyway, assuming you are talking about the problem with "nofoo" being
> translated to "foo" then I previously suggested that you try a snapshot.
> If you don't want to do that then wait until 1.3.14.

Ok.  See above about my reasons for continuing or not continuing this 

> Maybe now I'm really understanding why this is an undocumented feature.

Uh huh...

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