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OT: Throwaway Accounts [was Re: Question regarding mailing list archive...]

--- Paul Derbyshire <> wrote:
> On 6 Aug 2002 at 0:16, Michael Hoffman wrote:
> > You have identified the problem. Hotmail is not setting the
> References
> > field. You might point this out to Microsoft. Personally I would
> stop
> > using Hotmail. There ought to be a "Hotmail Considered Harmful"
> web page
> > but until then, check out:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > for dozens of Hotmail Horror Stories.
> What alternatives are there, though, if you want a *free throwaway*
> address that you can dump if the spam gets to be too much? Every 
> other free email provider I know of either doesn't provide a means
> to 
> archive messages on your own machine or charges money for that 
> ability, and none tend to exist in an unchanged or steadily
> improving 

Not true at all.

Novell has a free 10mb imap account (no banners) at
[They benefit because the account you get is on machines running
GroupWise and it has had 2 years of uptime (until a recent need to
fully overhaul the machines) with tons of users.  I guess this
impresses their potential clientele].  Any mail client that can do
the IMAP protocl can use it.  The only catch is that you can't use
the account for spamming others, otherwise they will hold you liable
for some fine.  Netscape offers a free 5 mb webmail account that is
accessible through Netscape Mail&News and Mozilla Mail&News.  It can
use all the archiving, filtering, etc. features of either client.  As
I'm sure Chuck would attest, Netscape's client ain't so bad...  It
even uses mbox format, so you can import the archives into other mail
clients.  So For your reference, and others', there *is* an
alternative out there without the banner ads and $$$ needed.  I
should know, because I have an account on both, in addition to this
one, and have had no problems whatsoever.


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