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Re: setup and unix

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, bruno patin wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> >On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, bruno patin wrote:
> >
> >>hi,
> >>
> >>We work on a project that have to run and be distributed under
> >>windows/cygwin and different flavors of unix (for the time being,
> >>solaris and linux). We do want to have the same tool to distribute our
> >>project over these platforms and try to use free approach so I come to
> >>my subject. has port of the setup code been made on unices ? I try to
> >>use the source on my linux box but, if the configure do it ok, the
> >>compilation halt on the getopt.c file. So have something been done ?
> >>
> >>Another question, is there a non interactive mode of setup (one you can
> >>use on the command line) ?
> >>
> >>thanks for your work
> >
> >setup is tailored for cygwin packages.  Why not just write a shell script?
> >       Igor
> the easy selection of packages,
> the standardisation of the distribution formats,
> the gui,
> the existence of a configuration file to define exctly what version of
> what package to use
> As the development is a collaborative one it is easier to use a well
> defined product than write another one (if adaptation of the setup tool
> is not too hard).
> bruno

All these features are present in, for example, redhat's rpm (except,
maybe, the gui - not sure about that one).  The source should be available
as well, and it definitely works on Linux. ;-)
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