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Re: rshd authentication

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 01:10:02PM +0530, Anagani, Suresh wrote:

I am having problem with rsh authentication.
I have cygwin installed on windows 2000 machine called raindeer.
And inet utils version is 1.3.2-19

This is my hosts.equiv file contents...

anaganis@RAINDEER /usr/doc/Cygwin
$ cat /etc/hosts.equiv

I tested from a CMD on raindeer.. rsh commands work without prompting for
But it prompts for password if I do rlogin. Can someone tell me what am I
missing here?

rlogin/rsh always ask for the password on interactive login.
That seems "different" , at least to what I was used to with HP-UX. Indeed there is no mention of this in the man page for rlogin except to say:

If the remote host does not supporting Kerberos the standard
Berkeley rhosts authorization mechanism is used.

There is no Cygwin man page for rhosts however looking at I find

The rlogin program falls back to the standard password-based login
procedure if the remote authentication fails.

Which would seem to suggest to me that if the remote authentication works then no password should be prompted for.

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