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Re: Top reporting on cygwin processes only?

> > >should ps be modified to work as top does, of course /proc would need
> > >to be upgraded, or can top be modified to work as ps does, or should
> > >both continue on their own but be updated to recognise all processes
> > >running on a box?
> >
> > 'ps --help' will show you an option for displaying windows processes as
> > well as cygwin processes.
> >
> > cgf
> >
> I'm aware that ps -W shows both but what I was driving at in my own
befuddled way is, shouldn't both top and ps be capable of reporting on both,
i.e bring top in to line with ps?
> Based on what Corrina said this would mean a major change to one or other
of the utilities since top uses /proc but ps uses the cygwin api.  Hence
which, if any, should change?

Ideally ps would use /proc, rather than cygwin_internal. IMHO, a procps
derived version of ps should be included with Cygwin - but it should be
modified to support Windows processes. The best way to do this is to add
Windows processes to /proc, perhaps when an environment variable is set.
I already have nearly all the code lying around on my hard disk to do this -
it's just a case of recovering from the flu and waiting for my RSI to heal -
so maybe in a few months.... :-)


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