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Re: [PATCH] cygwin+bash: bash reorders script output bug identified/fixed

Manfred Spraul wrote:
* It's a bash bug, not a cygwin bug.
* defining RECYCLES_PIDS in execute_cmd.c solves the problem.
* RECYCLES_PID is intended for LynxOs, which recycles pids
      quickly according to a comment in execute_cmd.c
* All OS are potentially affected, bash basically assumes
      that 2 pid values are never identical.

It seems that there are 2 possible solutions:
A) enable RECYCLES_PID in bash.
      * I'd propose that, minimal patch attached.
B) work around the bash bug in cygwin. already contains a special function that prevents 2
          consecutive fork() calls from reusing the same pid:
This may have been what I was running into as well. See

When doing the same compiles with in a window with tcsh running (even if bash gets invoked later on) the process numbers seem to increase much more slowly. If you do a large compile using bash as your shell, do you see process numbers creeping upward (in task manager) gradually as well?


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