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basic inetd setup -- opening up a new port - what am I missing?

Hi all,

  First off, cygwin is great.

  w2k, latest cygwin

  I installed the net utils, and read the following pages.

  Ultimately, I'm trying to get a cvs pserver going, but for right now, I
just want to open up a port to echo.  Any port will do.  Here's what I

  1) Added the following line to /etc/inetd.conf

  cvspserver stream tcp nowait root /bin/echo echo hello

  2) created /etc/services and added the following line to it

  cvspserver 2401/tcp

  3) started the server using cygrunsrv

  4) "telnet localhost" -- this works

  5) "telnet localhost 2401" -- get the following error

  Could not open a connection to host on port 2401 : Connect failed

  6) view the log file /var/log/inetd.log -- it contains the following

  ADD : cvspserver proto=tcp, wait=0, user=root builtin=0 server=/bin/echo
  FREE: cvspserver proto=tcp, wait=0, user=root builtin=0 server=/bin/echo

  Instead of "FREE..." I want to see "registered /bin/echo on 2401".

  What happened?  Any ideas?  Does this have to do with my services file?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  - Matt

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