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Re: _exit() missing WSACleanup() call?

"Juergen Buchmueller" <> wrote:
> After running it for 2 or so minutes on Win98SE the main() can
no longer
> connect to the listening process and strerror() says 'No buffer
> available'. Run it with './testcase log' and wait until it
prints to stderr.
> This same code ran continuously for a long time on FreeBSD,
leaving a whole
> lot of sockets in the TIME_WAIT state for some time, but without
> problems.


This particular problem is a known issue with cygwin on (at least)
win98se (nb. it works fine on my win2k box).  See (and
followups) for some discussion.

I'm sort of thinking about looking at it RSN, but I keep letting
myself get distracted :-)

// Conrad

p.s. In your makefile, try something more like the following to

    gcc  -o testcase testcase.o -lwsock32

On my setup, for example, libwsock32.a is not in the default
location (and also my TERM is not "cygwin": it's "xterm"), i.e.

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