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Re: _exit() missing WSACleanup() call?

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On Tuesday 06 August 2002 09:53, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> I'm really trying hard to get a mmap() implementation which is as U*X
> like as possible.  A simple testcase could help a lot.

Here's some code to test for you. It does not yet show my mmap() problem, but 
perhaps another resource leak -- or is it that I'm overlooking something?

After running it for 2 or so minutes on Win98SE the main() can no longer 
connect to the listening process and strerror() says 'No buffer space 
available'. Run it with './testcase log' and wait until it prints to stderr.

This same code ran continuously for a long time on FreeBSD, leaving a whole 
lot of sockets in the TIME_WAIT state for some time, but without obvious 

When I find time again I'll continue to try to reproduce the real problem. 
Perhaps you want access to my CVS repository where also the original project 
which causes the trouble is available -- mail me privately in that case.

> No, I didn't know that stuff.  Did you try to change your implementation
> so that you use fork() and really wait() for the children?

This did not make a difference. Since I can not yet reproduce the problem, it 
is really difficult to tell if it _should_ make a difference :)

> Corinna

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