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OpenSSH and WinCVS

Hi everybody,

I experienced problems when using WinCVS 1.2 on Windows 98, OpenSSH 3.4p1-5. I 
searched this mailing list, and found that other people had experienced the 
same kind of problem a month ago, but not exactly the same one.

When I use WinCVS with OpenSSH, a dos window pops up each time I try to 
perform any CVS operation, and asks me for my passphrase. I then enter my 
passphrase, hit enter, the window stays there and WinCVS just keeps on 
waiting. I have to close the dos window manually in order for WinCVS to 
complete to operation.

I then tried ssh-agent. This solves the passphrase problem, as I'm not asked 
for anything anymore, but an empty dos window still pops up, and I have to 
close it manually in order for WinCVS to operate properly.

I read a few messages on this mailing list stating that it could be related 
with textmode / binmode, so I recompiled OpenSSH with /usr/lib/automode.o 
instead of /usr/lib/textmode.o, and set the CYGWIN environment variable to 
binmode, but it didn't help.

I then tried to upgrade to WinCVS 1.3b6, and the problem is a bit different. 
WinCVS now completes the operation properly when used with ssh-agent, but the 
dos window stays in the background. After a few CVS operations the system 
tray gets very crowded. If I close the dos window manually after the CVS 
operation is complete, I get a nice blue screen and WinCVS is closed.

Can anyone help me with that problem ?

Thanks in advance.

Laurent Pinchart

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