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Re: Mysterious gdb behavior

On 6 Aug 2002 at 1:20, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 12:53:09AM -0400, Paul Derbyshire wrote:
> >On 3 Aug 2002 at 4:50, Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
> >> (especially after reading the *HILARIOUS* FAQ
> >
> >I for one don't find it amusing.  Please stop referring to it.
> >Moderator, please remove all references to it and all other
> >completely-off-topic content from the archives.  There's no viable
> >purpose to having such material in the archives anyway, and it wastes
> >disk space.
> We don't edit archive content except to remove viruses.

Well, that's awfully nice of you isn't it?
What possible reason can there be for preserving off-topic material 
in it? I'd love to hear whatever excu^H^H^H^Hreason you'd care to 

> Btw, I erroneously referred to myself as "the moderator of this list" in
> a previous message to you, oh so long ago.  I was wrong to refer to
> myself that way since this list is not moderated.  I should have said
> that I was the "list administrator".

Well, if it's not moderated that explains a great deal. Like why I'm 
still here, and why half these flaming retards that are posting so 
much off-topic shit are also still here.

> So, if I led anyone to expect that messages were inspected for content
> before they were forwarded on to the list, I apologize.  The only
> filtering going in is spam filtering.

Not before hand -- obviously from turnaround time they weren't and 
sheer volume suggested such moderation to be impractical. But I 
thought that a form of retro-moderation might be occurring -- 
removing off-topic drivel from the archives and perhaps tossing 
subscribers who post pointless insipid personal attacks or such. Then 
again I guess if that were being done, someone'd have put their foot 
down long since.

> What this means is that I get to ask people to self-moderate.  I hope
> that you will do that here.  I don't think you are going to get any more
> useful information about your gdb problem and I would like to see all of
> the flaming come to a halt now that you've had your say.

I've gotten (at last) a genuinely useful looking, detailed reply. Too 
bad it was in a post that also contained an insult. This makes me 
unsure of the poster's motives, and therefore unsure whether the 
instructions given would sabotage anything. I guess I'll take the 
precautions of using also my symlink idea -- making a /home/pderbysh 
say and symlinking it to the other directory -- and then backing up 
/etc/passwd and pointing the original to the symlink.

I've got a question about Cygwin symlinks, actually. I looked at one 
via Winblows Exploder and saw it to be just a typical looking 
Winblows shortcut, except that a "comment" field (or some such) was 
set to the unixy path of the target. I tried creating a symlink 
outside of Cygwin by making a shortcut, giving it an appaopriate path 
and this other field, and making other attributes and settings 
identical, but Cygwin didn't see it as a symlink. It looks like 
there's another bit of "magic" involved, and I am curious as to what 
this is.

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