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Re: Question regarding mailing list archive...

On Mon, 5 Aug 2002, Thomas Chadwick wrote:

> I have a question regarding the cygwin mailing list archives and don't know
> who to contact.  Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction?

This is the place.

> The issue is that if I reply to a message sent to a list to which I
> subscribe (e.g., it shows up in the mailing list
> archive on the web, but does not get included as a "Follow-Up" link to the
> original message.
> [...]
> I also see that my reply has no "References".
> I'm guessing that my email client, hotmail, isn't doing something that it
> should.  Is there a known work-around?

You have identified the problem. Hotmail is not setting the References
field. You might point this out to Microsoft. Personally I would stop
using Hotmail. There ought to be a "Hotmail Considered Harmful" web page
but until then, check out:

for dozens of Hotmail Horror Stories.
Michael Hoffman <>
The University of Texas at Austin

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