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My Mail is Munged since Cygwin update?


Last night, updated.

Setup reported that only the Cygwin core was being updated.

After update, my mail Troika (mutt, fetchmail, ssmtp) fail, yielding a
Win message box requesting "CYGCRYPT0.DLL"

A search on CYG*.DLL (non-case sensitive) yields no such file as

Setup reports that I have the latest version of both Cygwin and of the
Crypt package.

Of course, the most annoying thing is that, as my email is no longer
functioning, I cannot exactly cut and paste the output of Cygcheck into
an email message (Think about that for a minute before you yell at me).

Any thoughts about what packages I might be missing?

And while I'm on the subject, how can I revert only the last downloaded
packages?  I mean BESIDES manually going through the too-small setup
window (yeah, I know . . ) and manually unclicking EVERY bloody package

Because (as I've stated) I've no email at home, I'll have to settle for
reading at work.  Which I suppose I have to do anyway, as my mail is now

Any solution short of reinstalling the whole bloody thing is welcome.

Apologies if this posts twice.  Mail here is odd today.  Though I can't
blame that on setup.exe . . .


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