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Re: Problems with SDL

On Mon, 5 Aug 2002 05:09:16 +0200 (CEST), Sylvain Petreolle
<> wrote:

>This makes the trip, but I must use your commented form, as this:
>#     --libs)
>#       libdirs="-L${exec_prefix}/lib "
>#       echo $libdirs -lSDL 
>#       ;;
>#     --static-libs)
>    --libs|--static-libs)
>       libdirs=""
>       echo $libdirs -lSDL -luser32 -lgdi32 -lwinmm
>       ;;
>Now i only get 2 errors : (perhaps one more missing -l flag ?)

Yeah, looks like it...

>/usr/local/lib/libSDL.a(SDL_nullvideo.o): In function
>/home/Nom/SDL12/src/video/dummy/SDL_nullvideo.c:153: undefined
>reference to `_imp___iob'

$ cd /usr/lib/mingw
$ nm -A --defined-only *.a | grep imp___iob

libcrtdll.a:ds00132.o:00000000 I __imp___iob
libmsvcrt.a:ds00222.o:00000000 I __imp___iob
libmsvcrt20.a:ds00187.o:00000000 I __imp___iob
libmsvcrt40.a:ds00198.o:00000000 I __imp___iob

>/usr/local/lib/libSDL.a(SDL_diskaudio.o): In function
>/home/Nom/SDL12/src/audio/disk/SDL_diskaudio.c:168: undefined reference
>to `_errno'

$ nm -A --defined-only *.a | grep _errno

libcrtdll.a:ds00073.o:00000000 T __errno
libcrtdll.a:ds00073.o:00000000 I __imp___errno
libiberty.a:strerror.o:000002e4 T _errno_max
libmsvcrt.a:ds00147.o:00000000 T __errno
libmsvcrt.a:ds00147.o:00000000 I __imp___errno
libmsvcrt20.a:ds00123.o:00000000 T __errno
libmsvcrt20.a:ds00123.o:00000000 I __imp___errno
libmsvcrt40.a:ds00130.o:00000000 T __errno
libmsvcrt40.a:ds00130.o:00000000 I __imp___errno
libstdc++.a:strerror.o:000002e4 T _errno_max

...pick one - I'm not overly familiar with mingw compilations and too
bleary-eyed to distinguish those underscores! ;-)


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