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Re: Mysterious gdb behavior - cygcheck example

On 3-8-2002 7:41, Paul Derbyshire wrote:

I use Google all the time. When I feel able to formulate a query that doesn't seem likely to either fail entirely or swamp me with irrelevant hits. Unusual long acronyms or words work best. Long phrases are poor, usually returning no hits, and short words or acronyms tend to return too many irrelevant hits. Combinations of words ... well, it depends on the combination. If the combination is oddball enough there may be a relevant hit in the first page or three of hits.

Of course I must also feel confident I'll be able to identify a relevant hit among irrelevant ones.

Some loser in some newsgroup recently flamed me for asking what VNC was in response to someone mentioning it -- whatever it was. They suggested I should use google. Pointless in this case: a million different things are probably known by that same acronym; one so short has to have been reused multiple times. And I wouldn't even be able to tell which of various VNCs was the one they were talking about. Mind you the context was computers, so Vancouver's airport call sign could be fairly judged irrelevant, but even the computer related VNCs must number in the dozens.

Have you *tried* it? Do a search for VNC on google. Guess what the first hit is...
Looks like you're underestimating Google. (Either that, or there's something wrong with your ability to identify relevant hits. Or, perhaps even more likely, you like complaining about problems better than solving them.)

- Michael

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