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Re: Mysterious gdb behavior.

Paul Derbyshire wrote:
> On 2 Aug 2002 at 17:37, Max Bowsher wrote:
>>> In any event, yes, you're not allowed to publicly contradict me.
>> Umm... free speech?
> Umm...anti-defamation laws? Trying to make someone you personally
> dislike look like an idiot in a public setting by contradicting or
> ridiculing them qualifies as defamation, by the way.

I simply stated that your assertion was false. At no point did I target you. My
aim was simply to prevent the other people from learning incorrect information.

>>> Given the context it is an attack.
>> You state that Windows works in a particular way. I correct you, because it
>> doesn't work like you think. Sorry, I don't see where the problem is.
> The problem is that you are trying to tar me some kind of idiot!

No. I'm not. As above.

>> Hmm, I wonder why? The _only_ difference between you and other listmembers
>> is visible to the list is the content of your postings. I.e., it is what
>> have said on the list that has caused this different treatment.
> No, the difference is that someone has taken a personal dislike to
> me, for whatever reason. The reason is irrelevant.

I just gave the only possible reason above!

>>> Problems or no problems I don't want to bother with the enormous
>>> amount of sheer nitpicking work required to propagate the change
>>> consistently to everywhere the old name appears, and the risk of
>>> breaking something if I miss one obscure instance. Especially not to
>>> satisfy the needs of one subsystem, when everything else on Windows
>>> outside of Cygwin seems to find my existing user name just peachy.
>> I agree. Changing your Windows username is not the ideal solution to this
>> problem.
> Then why didn't you just say so, instead of appearing to disagree and
> insulting my intelligence with every posting?

I was not discussing changing windows usernames as applied to this situation. I
was simply arguing that, should you want to do it, it would be substantially
less difficult than you suggested. I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression
about this.

>> However, I wish to establish the fact that the amount of sheer
>> nitpicking work that you refer to is zero.
> Bull. If I change my username to Zaphod Beeblebrox, to make things
> consistent I'd have to rename my home directories (Windows and cygwin
> both) to Zaphod Beeblebrox.

Cygwin, maybe. Windows, no. Windows intends for you to access stuff in your home
directory through things like My Documents. If you wish to poke around in
"C:\Documents and Settings", fine, but you would have to change the directory
name in your registry profile as well.

> Then there's all the MRU lists that refer
> to files in Paul Derbyshire directories.

Yes. You are not required or supposed to change Windows home dirs.

> Then there's any
> configuration file that refers to such a directory, and anything else
> of that general sort... and of course /etc/passwd.

Indeed. The one and only place we told you to edit in the first place.

[snip speculation about dire consequences]

> Frankly, the lengths you'll go to to support an insulting claim about
> me, e.g. that I'm wrong about something, are amazing. What motivates
> your evident dedication to this self-appointed task? What did I ever
> do to you?

- The lengths I needed to go to are, in fact, very short. Which was what I set
out to demonstrate.
- Motivation: I saw a misinformed person, and tried to help.
- Dedication: Not required. It was an easy task.

>> The only thing for me to be aware of is that if I regenerate
>> /etc/passwd with mkpasswd, it will use the wrong home directory.
> Says he who just got through claiming there were no gotchas.

I claimed it was trivial. I still believe it is.

>> No one said that changing your Windows username was the only way round this.
>> It was merely raised as one possible option.
> But when I dismissed it as too much pain and hardship you lambasted
> me.

No. I attempted to correct some points on which you were misinformed. You took
this very badly, for some reason unknown to me.


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