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Re: hanging processes?

Andrew DeFaria wrote:

> Sven Köhler wrote:
> > when logging off windows asks me if i want to kill rxvt processes -
> > altough i'm reltively sure, that there are none in the taskmgr.
> >
> > with the native console i never have such problems.
> At one time a buddy of mine was using WindowBlinds and noticed that
> whenever he used rxvt there was an additional non windowed "window"
> associated with any rxvt process he started. Something in
> WindowBlinds exposed this but I forget what. So these background
> processes are the ones that show up when you are shutting down. They
> are typically named "rxvt0000000<some number - probably the PID #>".

You can reproduce this issue by doing:

$ trap true SIGHUP

in bash. When you kill rxvt through the close box, the rxvt process
will go away, but the bash process will stay around, and it is
identified as an rxvt000000000xxxx window in the shutdown process. It
looks like the windows console is "meaner" in killing the bash
processes even if they are trapping SIGHUP (it probably doesn't use
UNIX signals to kill it ;-]).

Similarly, either bash or something that bash is running is not dying
upon being signaled to do so.

I suppose workarounds would be:

* don't use the close box to close rxvt
* kill the extra bash processes in the task manager or with kill

I don't think this needs a "fix." The windows console will kill child
processes started with nohup, which I think is a big lose.
Michael Hoffman <>
The University of Texas at Austin

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