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Re: Mysterious gdb behavior.

On 2 Aug 2002 at 10:27, Kim Scarborough wrote:


> e=UTF-8&output=gplain

That file is over six years old and it's a tissue of lies. In fact I 
thought I'd had all copies of it erased as violating anti-defamation 
laws. If you must know, I fell in with a bad crowd so to speak. They 
wanted me to do things I found questionable and I refused; their 
response was to launch a massive smear campaign. IT LASTED TWO YEARS, 
before they eventually broke up or got sick of it. This can hardly be 
considered something of my doing.

Also, I can see no purpose served by searching for this kind of 
garbage and posting links save to inflame the mailing list. I'm 
amazed that your posting, so obviously worthless and noncontributing 
and off-topic, survived moderation. In fact I ask of the moderator, 
on that basis, to purge it from the list archives and if he sees fit 
ban this woman off the list. There can be no justification for her 

[snip further links]

These are all the results of the same smear campaign. Untrustworthy.

[snip calling me a psycho]

Accusations, unsupported my a qualified medical opinion, of having 
mental illnesses that tend to endanger others and get one locked up 
are a violation of anti-defamation laws. You retract that at once, or 
I will pursue legal action.

> You get the idea. Anyway, I promise I won't off-topic post anymore...

You certainly won't. You'll no longer be a subscriber by sunup if 
there's any justice here.

> I just wanted people to know who they were dealing with.

A flimsy excuse. How can pointing them to pages of lies and damned 
lies that were spread about me possibly tell anyone anything truthful 
about me? Your real intent is to defame me. No matter what your 
intent, the posting is so far off charter it nearly came back from 
the other side.

> So many people here have been strikingly polite to him, now you can
> see it's pointless.

Wrong. I'm polite to people who are polite to me. If someone is 
impolite to me, however, I reserve the right to respond in kind. Now 
shut up.

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