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Re: WinXP upgrade breaks cron mapping

djordan@augustmail com writes:
> I've just upgraded cygwin to the latest releases.  No change in behavior.

> I've also cron'ed just the net use command and captured these error
> messages:

> System error 5 has occurred.

> Access is denied.

> I'd really appreciate any help...

Unfortunately, I can't offer much.  I'm running a cron job (under my domain
user account) that successfully does a net use (with my user name and
password) under Win2000.

Just a thought: try scheduling the same or equivalent job under the Windows
Task Scheduler, and see if you get the same behavior -- I'd suspect that you
would, and that it's some kind of security change in Win XP from NT/W2K.  If
so, you might have some luck shopping the problem on the appropriate

> I realize the cron is running under SYSTEM account and that's why I have to
> manually map drives within my cron scripts.  

Actually, your script runs under your user ID, but with restricted
permissions vis a vis the network; try doing an "id" in the cron script and
compare the output with what you get from doing it in a bash window.

Good luck,

Don Dwiggins			 "The truth will make you free,         but first it will make you miserable"
                                  -- Tom DeMarco

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