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termcap-2002040301 out of sync with terminfo-5.2-3

This is a more informed (I hope!) but also more complicated look at an issue
that I reported earlier regarding the termcap-2002040301 package. The
endnote below tells of one place where this issue arises.

(Since I am still rather a newbie here, I hope you won't stomp on me too
hard (ha!) if I ask or say something dumb.)

The current terminfo package (5.2-3) introduced some changes to the terminfo
database, some or all of which are not reflected in the current /etc/termcap
file in the termcap package (2002040301). That may not be too surprising,
since this termcap, apparently dating from April 3 2002 and possibly derived
from the older terminfo-5.2, predates the current version of terminfo
package of 5/15/2002.

The only differences I have actually looked for are the rxvt-type terminal
functions as defined in the /etc/termcap file and the terminfo database. It
may be that other terminal types have been changed as well, but I don't
think any of the termcap binaries or include files are out of sync--just the
/etc/termcap file itself. Someone else may be able to tell with more

Also, some of the entries in termcap have been automatically generated, via
tic, from the terminfo database. 
My essential question is:

How do we go about getting termcap back into sync with terminfo? I can see
three ways:

1) A script may exist somewhere to automatically update termcap from a new
terminfo, as the current tic-generated entries suggest. If so, who should
carry out this action?

2) Someone (perhaps me) simply needs to build and post a patch to termcap.
Such a patch turns out to be pretty small, but I don't know how to do the
posting part yet.

If neither 1) nor 2) are correct, then 

3) Someone (again, perhaps me) needs to build and post a new base version
(not just a patch). (same issue for me posting it)



I stumbled on this while trying to get less to work fully on an rxvt window
with terminal type rxvt-cygwin-native.

While many character-cell oriented tools use the newer ncurses/terminfo
package to support screen i/o, the less utility, and perhaps info and some
others,  use the older termcap-based method. With the current termcap file
and rxvt-cygwin-native, less will tell me that my terminal isn't fully
supported, and I believe info will say that my terminal isn't smart enough
to run info. less will go ahead and run, but without boldface and a number
of other goodies.

The tic utility can be used to generate a new termcap entry for
rxvt-cygwin-native, which can then be placed in /etc/termcap. less and info
then work without warnings.

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