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Re: FAQ or bash bug with ntsec? (WAS: Help request: bash with PAT H problems)

On Tue, Jul 30, 2002 at 12:00:44PM +0200, "Schaible, Jörg" wrote:
> Hi John,
> > From: J.
> >
> > *Many* thanks for solving this.  I run 3 copies of cygwin; desktop
> > at home, laptop and desktop at work.  The desktop at home showed
> > this issue and I was unable to figure out why.
> unfortunately this issue is not solved. After reinstalling the findutils all
> the owner and group settings are "restored" and the misbehaviour arises
> again.
> > Could this be put in a FAQ somewhere please?
> So an FAQ entry could only describe a temporary solution as long as bash has
> this bug.

Btw., it's not a bash bug.  What happens to you is by design.  Just
look into an `ls -ln' of the files and the lights will shine.

What I don't understand, though, is, why the permissions are set to
that value by setup.exe.  I thought it should give explicitely full
permissions to world.  At least I recall that I added some code to
setup.exe setting the security descriptor.  Is it not used in setup


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