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RE: (Fwd) Cron oddity

> Well, I installed ssmtp and put entries in the /etc/ssmtp/revaliases 
> file for "root", "daemon", and my userid with this email address and 
> my ISP's SMTP server, and let cron do its thing. No email almost an 
> hour later; the Windows XP event log shows that cron did its thing 
> and (attempted to) launch the script; and there's nothing in the way 
> of error messages there or in /var/log/cron.log. There's also no 
> dead.letter in ~, which would mean it attempted to send the mail and 
> failed. Since it clearly didn't attempt to send the mail and fail, 
> and equally clearly didn't attempt to send the mail and succeed, I 
> can only conclude that it didn't attempt to send the mail at all. Any 
> clue what's going on?

1. Consider installing 'mutt' using setup.exe.

2. Confirm that ssmtp is setup and configured properly
   by sending mail to yourself using mutt:

     $ mutt -s "hello, world" you@youraddress < /dev/null

3. If you don't receive mail within 5 minutes (more like 5 seconds),
   then you need to troubleshoot your ssmtp and mutt setups.
   Read /usr/doc/Cygwin/mutt*, /usr/doc/Cygwin/ssmtp* (for example,
   did you run /usr/bin/ssmtp-config?).  Also, see the manual pages
   for mutt and ssmtp:

      $ man 1 mutt
      $ man 8 ssmtp

4. Once you have mutt and ssmtp setup correctly (that is, once you
   can send mail to yourself reliably), then you can return to
   troubleshooting cron.  You shouldn't need to wait until midnight
   to test cron.  Simply create an entry like the following in your

      * * * * * date

      * * * * * /usr/bin/date

   If everything is setup properly, then you should receive an
   email message every minute with the output of the 'date' program.
   If you don't receive emails, then read 'man 5 crontab'.  Consider
   setting the environment variable "MAILTO=youraddress" in your
   crontab file.

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