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RE: Cron - how to turn off logging to the Event Log

1. Run setup.exe

2. When selecting packages to install, find 'cron'
   in the 'Admin' Category.  Click on the open box
   to put an 'x' in it in the 'Src?' column for
   'cron'.  This will cause source files for
   'cron' to be downloaded to your computer.

3. Install 'Devel' category.  It contains many of
   the programs that you will need to build 'cron',
   (particularly, 'make' and 'gcc').

4. If you don't have a text editor installed, then
   consider downloading one or more of the editors
   in the 'Editors' and 'Misc' Category.

5. Run 'setup.exe' through to completion.

6. In your bash shell, cd /usr/src/cron-3.0.1-7.

7. Edit the files 'config.h' and 'pathnames.h' in
   that directory, as described by Corinna Vinschen,

8. Run 'make' at your shell prompt to build your 
   customized version of cron.exe: $ make

9. Stop and uninstall the cron daemon that you have

10. Using 'cygrunsrv', install your new version,
   specifying the path to your new cron.exe.  Start
   the new daemon, and test it.

11. If no problems occurred, then run 'make install'
    in /usr/src/cron-3.0.1-7 to install the cron files
    into the standard places, uninstall the cron daemon,
    and reinstall/restart it from the standard location,
    i.e., /usr/sbin/cron.exe.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Tony Fenleish []
> Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2002 11:44 AM
> To:
> Subject: RE: Cron - how to turn off logging to the Event Log
> I have run into the same cron problem as desribed below, but 
> I have no clue 
> how to go about inplementing the solution.  I've used cygwin 
> for about a 
> year now, but I still consider myself a beginner. Can anyone 
> help me turn 
> off Application Event Logging for my cron jobs?
> Thank you,
> -Tony
> On Wed, Sep 05, 2001 at 06:06:44PM +0200, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >On Wed, Sep 05, 2001 at 04:38:26PM +0100, Dan Gardner wrote:
> > > > I've got rsync running as a cron job. The job runs about once a 
> >minute.  How
> > > do I stop cygwin/cron logging to the NT event log 
> (application) as it is
> > > filling it up with information-event messages "The 
> description for Event 
> >ID
> > > ( 0 ) in Source ( Cygwin ) could not be found..........." 
>  etc.  I wish 
> >to
> > > turn it off, so I can leave the machine for days/weeks 
> with out worry 
> >that
> > > the application log is full.
> >
> >The application log can be set to `overwrite events as needed' if
> >the size increased an upper limit.
> >
> >If that's inappropriate for you, take the cron sources and eliminate
> >all syslog() calls. Then recompile.
> Ooops, sorry , that's no good advice. There are defines in the cron
> sources which handle that. By default SYSLOG is defined in config.h
> and LOG_FILE is _not_ defined in pathnames.h. If you undef SYSLOG,
> no log is created at all. If you undef SYSLOG and define LOG_FILE,
> only a log file is maintained. If both are defined, both log methods
> are used concurrently.
> Corinna
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