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RE: Cygwin is SLOW

Ok, maybe my English was bad enough to confuse you about my question.
I meant "why is there a so big difference between executing one script (say
the fast one) on a distant file and on a local file ?",
the path to chmod.exe being the same for both execution (am I wrong ?).
I quoted my results and drop other stuff.

>> I've tried both slow and fast perl scripts on my machine (AMD XP1700,
>> If  test.file is on a local directory
>> $ perl
>> 2923.6 chmods per sec
>> if test.file is on a mounted directory (through a symlink)
>> $ perl
>> 143 chmods per sec
>> Could anyone explain the performance ratio for both scripts ???


>> I got a wider gap for small c program opening and closing about 650 files
>> It takes 0.750 s for local files and about 2 s for distant files
>> On the linux machine, it's just 0.1 s for distant files...
>> Is the _open() routine guilty ?
>> Is it linked to the unix AND dos path compatibility ?
>> Anyone as a hint to speed this up ?

I noticed you mentionned the influence of the PATH length upon the global
and I keep invastigating... (path convertion routine)

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