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Python: Activestate and/or Cygwin

I've been using Activestate Python for some time now, making good use of its
integration with Windows (ASP, scripting, COM access, etc.).  However, it
doesn't grok Cygwin (no surprise here).  One example of this is that it
doesn't work right in interactive mode under rxvt (this was reported in the
archives, I think for a different Python).  Also, of course, it doesn't
understand Cygwin paths.

I'm thinking of using Cygwin Python in addition to or instead of
ActiveState.  Does anyone on the list have some experience in this?  In
particular, would there be problems adding Hammond's Windows extensions to
Cygwin Python (or better yet, has it been done)?  What other gotchas might
there be?

BTW, this might be a good place to express my appreciation to the Cygwinners
all for an excellent environment.


Don Dwiggins                     "The truth will make you free,         but first it will make you miserable"
                                  -- Tom DeMarco

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