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[ANN] cygipc-1.12

Given the changes in key_t's definition as of cygwin-1.3.11, I've relased a new version of cygipc, with some major changes.

Because of the key_t change, one can no longer compile IPC programs if both cygipc-1.11 or older is installed, AND cygwin-1.3.11 or newer is installed -- they are incompatible. (However, programs that were PREVIOUSLY compiled, against cygwin-1.3.10 or older and the old cygipc's will continue to work properly even with new cygwin kernels).

The daemon is now called ipc-daemon2.exe, so that it can coexist with the older cygipc daemon. The new daemon uses *different* files in /tmp.

Old programs (that is, previously compiled) will continue to work -- but will use ipc-daemon.exe. Newly compiled programs will use ipc-daemon2.exe -- but you must compile with cygwin kernel 1.3.11 or newer.

The point: old programs use ipc-daemon. new programs use ipc-daemon2. Both will RUN under any cygwin kernel (within reason) -- but if you're compiling, you must make sure your kernel and cygipc "match" -- old kernel, old cygipc; new kernel, new cygipc.



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